Some days ago I just got this notice from Jay Santos and I thought that this can be a life changer specially for Indie Developers around the world who cannot afford to pay the PRO licensing prices. Well, I think this really is a life changer but the only bad thing about it is the minimum time limit of 12 months … if they change this to, let’s say … 3 months I’ll be more happy about this great news!



Create with Unity Pro for just $75/month

Our new limited-time offer brings the power of Unity Pro to even more developers!

  • Subscribe and pay by the month for a minimum of 12 months
  • Prices start at $75/month for Unity Pro
  • New releases during your subscription included at no extra cost
  • Add any Unity Pro add-on to your plan whenever you want at just $75/month per add-on


You can read mode about it here:

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