I remember the first time I saw the basic iOS and Android add-ons for free, I was really happy about it and that motivated me to keep studying to someday develop my very own games. Since the last Unity version upgrade (3.x to 4.x) I was kinda worried about the deployment licensing because my free basic licenses doesn’t work in this new version of Unity and I was not planning to pay US$ 800 to get Android + iOS basic licenses, multiply this amount by two and you can get an idea of what this value represents here in Brazil … that’s not cheap!

Some days ago I received this magical announcement from David Helgason (CEO) that ALL mobile deployment will be free (Basic Add-ons – this includes WindowsPhone and BlackBerry – which I’m participating in the beta groups) and because of that I have new energy to put on my games and dreams as a Indie Developer … I’m not feeling very confident on posting about the games right now :S that’s because I don’t even have a menu section named games but some day – I’m expecting that this will be soon –  I’ll start posting about them for sure.

You can read more about it here: http://blogs.unity3d.com/2013/05/21/putting-the-power-of-unity-in-the-hands-of-every-mobile-developer/

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