Unity 5 is coming

Unity 5 is coming

I have been creating games in Unity for almost 2 years now and it has been an incredible experience, I’ve seen a “simple” tool completely change the market all around the globe!


From Unity’s website:

We’ve remained true to our core beliefs of bringing top-quality, massively multiplatform and efficient game engine technology to the masses.

We’re still geared to delivering even better workflows, more optimizations and the features that give you creative freedom to drive your game development to new heights.

So, what’s new? In Unity 5 we give you physically-based shaders, Real-time Global Illumination across high-end mobile, desktop and consoles, awesome audio, a 64-bit editor and much, much more.

Pre-order now, and you get all the awesome tech released during the 4.x cycle right away, and immediate access to Unity 5 Pro on release.


High-end shaders for all

We bring all the advantages of physically-based shading to Unity users everywhere.


Cross-platform real-time Global Illumination

With Enlighten-powered real-time GI for high-end mobile and more we’ve broken new ground and raised the quality bar several notches.


A revolution in game audio

Imagine the game audio system of your dreams, then add some. That’s our vision for audio in Unity 5, and we’ve already brought so much of it to life.



One-click WebGL deployment is coming to the Unity engine with our paid-for Pro add-on.


64-bit Unity editor

If you use Unity to make large-scale projects, you’ll benefit from our new 64-bit editor.


Mobile cross-promotion made easy

With Unity Cloud, you get dependable mobile cross promotion that’s incredibly easy to get started with and is natively integrated into the Unity editor.


Hardcore memory profiling

Dig deep into your build to identify performance bottlenecks with total precision.


Intuitive 2D tools

Designed to make your life easier, Unity’s 2D solution features amazingly efficient workflows. Get a simple game up and running in no time or use advanced features to create sophisticated 2.5D content.


FInd more about Unity 5 here and be happy



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