Sunsetting Flash – Says Unity

Unity dropped the Flash Add-on.

After seeing the “evangelism” work that Unity evangelists are doing, including at the FGS 2013 which is a Flash Developers event, I’m not surprised with this at all. Adobe has the absorption of Flash Player in their  favor and that’s all, Unity was interested in that and now they, apparently, don’t need that anymore so there’s no why keep supporting it as a Unity Add-on.

My expectations now are:

– Flash Developers will be Unity Developers, Corona SDK developers or something-like-that developers sooner or later. These are tools with very similar languages and a easy learning curve. Don’t be afraid to change because it’s not THAT hard;

– Facebook will be with a lot of Unity Games. Actually Unity and Facebook have been dating 🙂

– Developers with assets at Unity’s Asset Store will have a lot more revenue;

– Indie Studios will flourish like they never did before: Unity is cheaper, easy to develop, easy to deploy to the most popular platforms, has a great community, has a free version which you can publish your small game first to learn stuff here and there;

From here: Unity Blog

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