Batch validate all XML files using MAC Terminal

Just found this to be very useful as I have several XML files and after making some changes its nice to make sure that they are still well-formed. This terminal command will throw DTD errors, which can be fine if you don’t use them (DTD is not mandatory). [pastacode lang=”bash” manual=”xmllint%20–valid%20–noout%20**%2F*.xml” message=”” highlight=”” provider=”manual”/]

Install APK on multiple plugged Android devices

Using Unity and hitting “Build’n Run” will install on only one device. If you just build your APK, you’ll be able to install it on multiple devices by using: [pastacode lang=”bash” message=”” highlight=”” provider=”manual”] adb devices | tail -n +2 | cut -sf 1 | xargs -I X adb -s X install -r pathtogame/game.apk [/pastacode] Having problems? Try …