NGUI Rotated / Pixelated
NGUI Rotated / Pixelated

I’m learning how to use NGUI for my Unity 4.5 projects and right now I’m developing a card game at Mukutu. I came to this problem with my cards textures when using the UI2DSprite, which rely on the new Unity Sprite Packer and not on the NGUI Atlas maker. When they are rotated they have this pixelated aspect like the 10 of hearts on the right. The one on the left was made using the NGUI Atlas Maker and looks better but is not perfect yet.

I’ve tried everything but the only thing that solved my problem was to use a 2px transparent margin on all my cards. Now they look perfect:

NGUI Perfect looking - rotated
NGUI Perfect looking – rotated


My thanks to NGUI’s great support!  


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