Game Review: Overall Experience Design, Learning and Game Discovery

Wimp: Who Stole My Pants? is a great game, all the details sum up in to a very delightful experience. The interface is very clear and I didn’t found big problems in it, all graphics, motion and sound design are very well integrated, the interactions are very smooth, the controls are responsive and the physics engine works great!

One very nice little thing that we have in this game is that you can customise the game interface, changing the position of the buttons to where is more confortable for you, this is for sure a Little Big Detail.

The game has basically four controls, three of them remain unchanged but one of them changes depending on what kind of “power” you have. If you are in the green form you can stick in to walls and other objects, using this to move and rotate them, if you are in the red / orange form you can jump higher, or even do two stage jumps and finally, if you are in the light pink form you can stick and teleport to other areas. Combining these three “powers” you have a very dynamic mechanics variation.

The learning process is very natural. All tutorials work well, most of them have only symbols to give clues to the players what to do next. Since the symbols are made with elements of the interface it’s very easy to understand and, even with all the tutorials, we still have that discovery feeling very present in the game wich is in my opinion one of the most important attributes of a great game.


I have only one little observation on this game:

– The key at world selection screen does not seems to be a button. The first impression is that the key, tied up, is something to pull down. When you push this key the native iOS Alert box appears with an In App Purchase. This key should be more clear that there you can unlock all the levels, and to that you will need to pay US$ 0.99.




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