Game Center disconnecting players after 60 seconds

I’ve been struggling with a HUGE problem is the last days: We have two real-time multiplayer games to launch at Mukutu ( and the players can’t keep a connection for more than 1 minute … after that all players are disconnected. This is a very strong pattern (60 seconds > Disconnect).

After a lot of investigation I’ve found that – in my case – it can be a firewall problem, which is blocking the connections between devices after the Apple server try to remove itself and start the direct device connections.

I’ve created a 3G / Wi-Fi  hotspot with my old Galaxy Mini to test this hypothesis and the connection is stable for more than 7 minutes (and counting)!

Now everything makes sense and this seems to be stupid now … but definitely it is NOT 🙂 To all my friends out there, struggling with this, try to forward the Game Center specific ports as described here: and good luck!

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