Fruits’n Tails

This is the first IP of Mukutu Game Studio, from Santos / Sao Paulo / Brazil which is part of the digital agency  Mkt Virtual.

The game already had some success in October / 2013 with blog posts from Jovem Nerd, was featured in BlackBerry Latin America Store, was on the first bundle for iOS games and was featured in a beautiful full page article in the main Journal of Santos region, the A Tribuna Journal.
We know, there’s a lot of room for improvement, but we are very proud of this little game 😀

This game is a mix of puzzle, color theory and agility which resulted in a very innovative, intuitive, fun and playful mechanics. The game is very polished and has great graphics and animations, quality that was recognized multiple times as a “international standard”.


Go to the game website and install it in your iOS, Android (Google Play,  Amazon Store or Samsung Apps) or BlackBerry devices:

**This game review video is in Portuguese only and was done with a BlackBerry Z10, a excellent model (and it’s OS is very good too) that I recommend (No, I’m not getting paid for this).

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