You’ve already agreed to the Apple Developer Agreement

“Stupid error messages” hits again!
“You’ve already agreed to the Apple Developer Agreement”

Well, this is probably one of the most f#$@&*ing annoying errors today. They use this fucking terrible error message that you just don’t have a clue about what is going on! … Oh, actually it is a clue, but a WRONG one! Just freaking terrible!

I’m sending a Beta version for one of our clients at Mukutu Game Studio today and I had to create all accounts, certificates and all that stuff that you guys probably already know. The standard procedure – here – is:

  1. Ask the client to create an Apple Dev Account
  2. We create a new e-mail to use with this new client / account… something like
  3. Create an admin iTunes Connect account with this brand new e-mail (which will turn into a new Apple ID)
  4. Access the client account at Apple Member Center and create an admin account with that same e-mail / Apple ID that we created before
  5. Create all app ids, provisioning profiles etc
  6. Add the account to Xcode and be happy

After that I was ready to go, so I signed out of my client account at Apple Member Center and clicked on the invite message that I received on the brand new e-mail that we created just for this client (, after clicking on the invite email the result was . . . this:


You've already agreed to the Apple Developer Agreement

You’ve already agreed to the Apple Developer Agreement


Doesn’t matter what I did, the result was the same: this stupid error message.

After maybe one hour trying to access my new Member Center account without success I decided to try other things… The first thing (and thanks God that it was the first thing) was to try to reset the new Apple ID’s password at but instead of reseting I decided to click “Manage your Apple ID” and I found three fields “current password” “new password” and “confirm new password” (or something like that)..

I filled in all information and then I received a message asking for confirmation on that new e-mail address. After confirming the email I could finally access the Apple Member Center website but I had another error but unfortunately I don’t have screen shots for that one 🙁 .. So I signed out of Apple Member Center and clicked on the invite e-mail again and this time I clicked on “I am a Registered Apple Developer / Sign in” :



and this time I found what I was expecting: The F$#@%$ing Invitation F$#@%$ing Screen \o/

Team Invitation

Team Invitation

So …. this terrible problem could be solved with a better error message like “You must access and confirm you Apple ID email address before accessing Apple Member Center :)”

If you still are experiencing this problem try to log out/log in again. I’ve just seen the same Stupid Error Message again but this time I solved it by doing this 🙂