UX/UI Designer

People keep saying “I’m an UX/UI Designer”. There’s a lot of confusion today about definitions: What is UX design? What is UI design, how they are related etc.

I believe that we don’t have a very clear definition about this and, to make it even worse, people also start to create their own terms and “definitions” in an attempt to describe better the same thing.

I’ve picked Dan Saffer’s “The disciplines of user experience” post (which is perfect in my opinion and I couldn’t agree more) and I highlighted what is UX and what is UI:

UX/UI designer

UX/UI designer

This image explain in a clear way how UX and its disciplines are related. So, if you want to be an Interaction Designer, it will be good to know about Industrial Design, Architecture, Visual Design, Information Architecture, Human/Computer Interaction. If you want to be an UX Designer, well … there’s a loooong road ahead my friend.

This actually makes me think: is this even possible? Can someone be an UX specialist with so many disciplines? How many years it takes to really know about something like this?

Can someone say “I’m an UX/UI Designer” without knowing all the UX disciplines? Or even worse: without knowing that UX actually has disciplines? I don’t think so, but that’s my opinion 🙂 I’m only an enthusiast.