Unity + Facebook SDK = Login cancelled by Player

Just posting because I’ve spent a couple hours working around this “Login cancelled by Player” error and just got this test / debug version working … I don’t know if the steps bellow will help in release versions.
My steps:

– Install latest OpenSSL and JDK, restart windows. (more here on my last post)

– Delete the User\.android\debug.keystore (Unity will generate another one when you make a new debug build for Android) but I think you’ll need to update the Key Hash on your App Settings (Facebook panel)

– Make sure that your Bundle Id is the same both in Unity and Facebook panel

– Make sure that the Class Name is also correct (Facebook panel)

– Do a clean import of the Facebook SDK (Download it here: https://developers.facebook.com/docs/unity/downloads/, the Asset Store version is outdated)

– If in Android, have a look at the AndroidManifest.xml to make sure that everything is configured correctly

– Use “adb logcat -s FBUnitySDK” to make sure that the debug.keyword Key Hash is the same in Facebook dev panel and see if everything is working well

* Remember, you can now use Test Apps on Facebook too


Is there anything to add here? Tell me in the comments also be sure to search in Unity Forums and StackOverflow.