TOn Fire – Thumbs On Fire Game

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Some time ago (2015) I decided to study the Unity 5 UI system and also how to implement some SDKs that I thought to be important to learn.

Back then, most of my projects so far were developed using NGUI, which was great for my needs at the time, but since the new Unity UI system was – at least partially – developed by the same guy, I assumed that it should be basically the same as NGUI and, well, it is. So, no problem there.

I’ve got a first version after 24h of work, and I still use this simple game prototype as a study platform. So, while the game itself is quite superficial and simple, there’s a quite big framework running under the hood 🙂


TOnFire - Thumbs On Fire Game

TOnFire – Thumbs On Fire Game


Get it on Google Play

Download the game on your Android device here:

Learnings so far

  • Everyplay was nice in the beginning but had no good support at the time … removed it without thinking twice and haven’t tried again after that.
  • The entire game is using Unity 5 UI (Canvas). By using some common performance optimisation techniques I managed to get the game running @60 FPS solid on my low end Android devices.
  • The first version was using UnityAds only but I got Ad Mediation working as well a little bit later.
  • Using built-in Unity IAP, super easy implementation but I haven’t tried custom store implementation yet.
  • I’ve a single 256 x 256 px atlas generated by Sprite Packer.
  • My current APK size is 25 mb, but the actual stuff size is:
    • Textures 763.0 kb 8.5%
      Meshes 0.0 kb 0.0%
      Animations 0.0 kb 0.0%
      Sounds 2.2 mb 24.9%
      Shaders 8.6 kb 0.1%
      Other Assets 288.3 kb 3.2%
      Levels 48.2 kb 0.5%
      Scripts 1.4 mb 15.9%
      Included DLLs 3.9 mb 45.1%
      File headers 161.8 kb 1.8%
      Complete size 8.7 mb 100.0%