Jetrix Game – Dev Diary 2 – “It’s running again”

So … I managed to get Jetrix running again \o/

It’s been a very long time since my last post about my game Jetrix. Basically one year ago ūüôĀ

Jetrix is a quite simple game that I proposed myself to fully develop sometime ago.

Running again? When it stopped working?

My Unity install was crashing a LOT and I was starting the development of¬†this game¬†last year. Everything was running OK but after some crashes Unity¬†ended up¬†ruining a lot of things (got some crazy corrupted Prefabs and “missing references” and who works with Unity knows what this means) and guess what … I wasn’t using Source Control, as I usually do … Probably because Unity was really crashing a LOT ūüôā

After this I’ve almost gave up on this one and focused on other projects and courses (Like Blastoid 2 prototype for MIT Game Design MOOC)¬†and also it was a pretty busy year at Mukutu with a huge¬†global gamification platform with¬†some Flash¬†games inside and 3 Unity card games¬†(I’ve fully developed a Solitaire one, such a nice and simple game to make! Check it out on Vimeo)¬†.

It took a while to get me motivated to dig Jetrix¬†from the mud and give it¬†some fresh air. I knew it would take some work to setup everything again, all those “The referenced script on this Behaviour is missing!” .. and the damn corrupted Prefabs … PHEW!

Jetrix Explosion

Jetrix Explosion (Made it last year for Jetrix)


As I¬†stated before, I’m using a starter kit for this game¬†and it works just fine¬†but the code is far from optimised and is hard to¬†update. I still have a lot to do but the most important thing is that I’ve managed to make it work again after spending some productive hours on it.


My main objetive is to keep nice but simple, that’s the MVP, Minimum Viable Product.


Keep this in mind when developing any kind of project, even the ones that you’re not¬†soloing. Focus on what is the minimum to get your project running and working as expected.¬†This is the only feasible way to develop solo personal projects and actually publish¬†them. It’s easy to keep pushing your project towards more complex and detailed mechanics, aesthetics etc during the development, but if you’re “alone” this will result in you giving up on your project and trying to develop another one.

Don’t worry, that’s me, you and the rest of the world. We are all too immediatist, we need to finish everything fast because the frustration comes very easy for us but developing games takes time, even the simple ones.

Keep it simple and publish your project. Take notes as you have new and worthy ideas and save them to a future update, this is important to keep your product lifecycle up and your project alive.

Next Steps

I’ve already created my repository for Jetrix on Bitbucket* and made some¬†improvements (for example correctly compressing and packing all textures with Unity Sprite Packer, organising part of the starter kit bizarre code).

My next steps will be:

– Refactor everything that needs refactoring, fix all the nasty bugs
– Fix the game / starter kit structure to fit my needs
– Add¬†and upgrade my standard¬†framework on this game (I already use it as a Submodule on most games that I’ve been working)
– Add all the planned game mechanics and story
– Finish the drawings and animations
–¬†Native game networks (Game Center, Google Play Game Services etc)
– Implement¬†some Ad network (maybe I’ll try the Unity’s one)**
РImplement some In-app purchase*
– Sound Design
…. More to come

* I’m using Bitbucket now … Github is great but it does not allow me to get free private repos ūüôā

** Specially for study purposes