Jetrix Game – Dev Diary 1

Jetrix Game – Dev Diary, part one

Hi! ūüôā

If you guys have been on my Facebook page you may have seen some posts about my WIP: Jetrix.

This game will be a test for me and also some kind of therapy. I really enjoy creating and developing games or interactive applications that people enjoy and this will be my first One Man Game, which means that I will plan / create / design / develop almost everything in the game. I’m thinking to use a Starter Kit from Unity Asset Store so I don’t have to waste my time programming a lot of basic stuff from the beginning. This will save me some weeks of development for sure (because I’ll work on this game only in my spare time).
I really enjoy the feeling of being challenged to do something new or something hard to achieve and this game will be my challenge for the next months. I don’t expect to make money from this, I just expect to make a good work and have this game published in this semester.

In this first step I’ll be studying the game art style, motion design, mechanics, game story and other basic stuff. Eventually I’ll be talking about Business Models (which actually is already decided), Game Analytics, Publishing Strategies, etc.

First of all we need a prototype so we can validate everything before starting the real thing but, as I’ll probably be using a already validated starter kit / prototype, what we need now can be a little story. We can use that to guide the¬†development process. Jetrix will be a casual game and usually this type of game doesn’t need to rely on a profound story.



Hi, I’m captain¬†Chzar, I’m a Russian advanced primate.

We are “harvesting” dead planets, asteroids, moons, comets … actually anything where we can find some gold. To harvest properly we must blow everything up and then filter and collect all the gold left.

Today we are on board of my scout¬†ship called Nebuchadnezzar, the name is a tribute to a very old movie that the ancient humans used to talk about. We¬†also built a lot of automated machines, which are¬†called “Googbots“. The Googbots¬†uses all the intelligence on¬†the internet to self-instruct. So, once a Googbot is deployed, it automatically starts to do all the hard work for¬†us.

A couple years ago a Googbot started to harvest gold for himself , we still don’t know how¬†this happened but it was the first time we saw a human-like behaviour on a Googbot.¬†This Googbot¬†started a¬†revolution and now they are harvesting gold for themselves and forcing humans to do hard work for them. They are building more “revolutionised”¬†Googbots using the gold so, right now, we are in war!

We must fight and collect all the gold before them! Our future depends on it.



So yeah, you got the obvious references ūüôā
But this is not the problem, this story is too long to put on a casual game!

We must keep it simple, like the birds who had their eggs stolen by green pigs or the little frog who need to eat candy to be happy.
People will not dedicate a long¬†time reading or trying to understand your story. While I’ll keep the complete version of the story, I’ll need a shorter¬†version of it. Actually, you don’t need to explain everything:

Story (Shorter):

We are in the future, the advanced primates created our workforce, the Googbots: built with gold, these machines are self-instructed by gathering information over the internet. Some time ago a Googbot started a revolution and now they are collecting gold for themselves to create an army. A war exploded and the gold of our planet depleted we started to search gold in other planets, systems and even galaxies but we are not alone.

An even shorter version could be:

Story (Even shorter):

Gold is fundamental to us and the Googbots are collecting our last resources. Now we are at war with them and we need to explore the universe to search for more gold!



So, now I’ll explain to you, human, how to pilot Nebuchadnezzar, I’ve been the captain of this thing for a loooong time so don’t ruin it.

I know you don’t have motor coordination or muscles anymore but if you pay attention you’ll be able to do this. I’ve adapted the controls to your level of intelligence, human. Simple heh? So go, collect all the gold possible, rescue another humans and avoid the Googbots or they will take us down!


ūüôā Let’s go back to the Dev Diary …



Here are some sketches and what I’ve got so far:

You will see the early ship studies, some of the Googbots, lasers and explosions (frame by frame animation).

Jetrix - first sketches

Jetrix – first sketches



And here is my actual art concept, with the final ship and game logo, some color palette testing etc.


Jetrix - Art Concept

Jetrix – Art Concept


In the next Dev Diary I’m planning to finish all my art assets (Drawings, Blender models, etc) and start developing the game and adjusting, correcting and improving the Starter Toolkit (programming, C#). I’ll use the new Unity 2D workflow. Lets see how it goes.