Fruits'n Tails
Fruits’n Tails: My journey through the “crafting” of this amazing game

Fruits’n Tails Game This game was created and developed at Mukutu Game Studio and I was responsible or directly…

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Fruits'n Tails - SlideDB
Vote for Fruits’n Tails on Indie of The Year

IOTY 2013 – Vote for Fruits’n Tails! Fruits’n Tails is also on AOTY 2013:

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Fruits’n Tails – Game Review

Fruits’n Tails This is the first IP of Mukutu Game Studio, from Santos / Sao Paulo / Brazil which…

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Fruits’n Tails – A game for iOS, Android and BlackBerry

Fruits’n Tails is a brand new game available now at the most popular stores that I am proud to…

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